Single-molecule Biophysics and Advanced Bioimaging Laboratory

Seeing is believing. Physics and Light are two wonderful tools to investigate living systems.

Our laboratory develops state-of-the-art single-molecule biophysics and bioimaging techniques (e.g. super-resolution imaging, single-molecule FRET, single-molecule pull-down, single-molecule optogenetics) and apply them to study complex biological systems.


[11/16/2018] Our lab was awarded a High Risk High Return grant from DGIST!

[09/19/2018] Sejoo joins our lab.

[08/10/2018] Hosun and Eunha finished their internship. Congratulations!

[07/02/2018] Hosun and Eunha started internship in our lab.

[07/01/2018] SangMoon joins our lab.

[04/01/2018] Hosun, Jinkwang, and Gwanjin join our lab.

[03/30/2018] Our lab was awarded a grant from National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF).

[03/01/2018] Jong-Chan started working at DGIST