Jackson Bunting

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

Texas A&M University

I am an econometrician interested in applied microeconomics. My current research focuses on dynamic discrete choice models.


curriculum vitae


"On the iterated estimation of dynamic discrete choice games", with Federico Bugni. (Review of Economic Studies (May 2021), arxiv, cemmap)

Working Papers:

"Continuous permanent unobserved heterogeneity in dynamic discrete choice models". (Job market paper)

"Testing homogeneity in dynamic discrete games in finite samples", with Federico Bugni and Takuya Ura. (arxiv)

Ongoing Research:

"Estimating dynamic discrete choice games under the steady state assumption", with Federico Bugni.

"Heterogeneity, uncertainty and learning : a semiparametric identification analysis", with Arnaud Maurel and Paul Diegert.