Coffee Tips

JBKoffeeBeans' 1 Pint Iced Coffee:

    • Cold mix Ingredients:
      • 3/4 cup of cold whole milk
      • 3-4 Ice cubes
    • Hot mix Ingredients:
      • 2/3 cup of coffee ( fresh roasted coffee of your choice)
        • Make sure you brew it extra strong or pull 4 shots from 2 shots worth of espresso coffee.
      • 1 tablespoon sugar (mix with hot coffee to melt)
    • Put it in a Pint jar and fellow-sip it down.
    • Optional: whipped cream to top

Coffee Sweeteners: There is an abundance of sweeteners available for those who are interested. (By the way even in Peru where they grow coffee people drink coffee in a plethora of ways: black, sweet and even with milk.)

  • Sugar: White, Cane, Raw, Molasses, Panela/Pilloncillo (pure unrefined cane sugar) : each can add a unique flavor.
  • Sugar substitutes: Sucralose, Saccharin, Aspartame, Stevia, Sugar alcohols (polyols): These can be helpful for counting calories or diabetics. (For those with diabetes please consult your doctor.)
  • Milk, Creamers, and Sweetened condensed milk can have sugars in them: each can add a unique flavor.
  • Sugar/flavors: White chocolate, Dark chocolate are great flavors along with providing sweetness.

There is a multitude of options and even more than listed here. If you are going for the coffee bean (technically seed) taste choose your sugar/flavor enhancers wisely. Because some will cover that coffee taste right up if too much is used. (But maybe that is what you want, to each their own.)

Fresh Roasted Coffee Tip: When should I start using my fresh roasted coffee? Short answer: Right away!

  • The fun thing about fresh roasted coffee is that it can have different flavor subtleties. For example a blend roast we did yesterday: smelled right off of a cinnamon roll, chocolate, caramel drizzle then around 4-5 hours latter moved into a more plum smell. This profile may continue to change over the next few days.
  • So try your fresh roast right away and expect to have some fun taste tests over the next few days as you continue to fellow-sip your coffee.
  • We'd recommend you don't let your fresh roast sit too long or it may begin to become more like the coffee that sits on the shelf at the store (who knows when that coffee was roasted).

Built-in Automatic Grinder Coffee Tip: Does your machine instruct you not to add oily beans or flavors into your automatic coffee grinder & brewer?

  • (How to get Dry Beans) Make sure to choose between Light, Light-Medium or Medium Roast. (These roasts don't have the shiny surface oil like the darker roasts.)
  • (What to do with Oily Beans) If you really like your Medium-Dark or Dark roast double check your machine's manual and see if you can grind it in a separate grinder and then put it in your machine.
  • (What to do with Flavors) If you really like your flavors double check your machine's manual and see if you can grind it in a separate grinder and then put it in your machine.

Coffee Purchase Tip: Compare oz price, type of bean Arabica or Robusta with the same, country of origin, roast preference and when it was roasted date.

  • For example: JBKoffeeBeans - Go Cubulco 16oz. (a full pound) of Arabica Whole Bean from Guatemala - Local purchase is ($11.99) for a price of $0.75 an oz. roasted to your preference, (Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Dark, Dark). Roasted fresh usually the same week or within days of receiving it.
  • For example: StBu brand (a good brand) through WaMa store of Breakfast blend 12 oz. of Arabica Whole Bean, Medium Roast, From where? is ($7.04) for a price of $0.59 an oz. When was it roasted? (If you find out please let us know.)
  • For example: DuDo brand (a good brand) through CiMa store of Original blend 12 oz. of What kind of bean?, Medium Roast, From where? is (6.99) for a price of $0.58 an oz. Medium Roast, When was it roasted? (If you find out please let us know.)
  • We can't compete with the price by the way these are good brands. However, your coffee through has a fresh roast (we mark the date our roasts), personal service, distinct countries, and roast preference of your coffee. (Pricing is from 4/4/2018)
  • Coffee Roast Tip: What roast should I choose?

Light roast tends to bring out the many flavors from the green bean's origin. For example our Go Cubulco from the Cubulco region of Guatemala has (Brown sugar, caramel, raisin, & chocolate) flavor.

The darker the roast tends to bring out more of the roasting process. (The darker tends to make a good froth according to our trusted coffee friend. Thanks Jed Johnston​) Our roasting process is a drum/low air/radiant roasting style.

So check out the roasts it can be a fun taste experience to try a variety of roasts to see what you like.

  • Coffee Brewing Tip: Grind your whole beans to your brewing method.
      • Drip coffee: Medium Grind
      • Expresso: Fine Grind
      • Pour over: Coarse Grind
    • Then adjust to your preference.