Jay Scott Photography

Creative Photographer specializing in Head Shots, Environmental Portraits, and Concept Portraiture

Mastering control of the light, Jay's work has a recognizable style that stands out in his creative portraiture, environmental portraiture, and unique head shots.

Each photo will take you to the related gallery. Please have a look and let the images speak for themselves.

It would be remiss to not specifically share with you the very unique creations in Jay's ultraviolet photography. Each session receives a customized and thorough planning to create the images and experience unlike any you've seen before.

Jay also loves to cook and to photograph his creations, as well as those of other talented cooks and bakers. As with his primary work in portraiture, his food photography is made with a perchance for the extraordinary.

"I always want my photographs to make people feel something. Making them feel hungry will do, nicely." - Jay