Collecting books

I enjoy a lot collecting books. I have more than a 1,000 volumes in my library, with editions ranging from 1700 to the present. My library specializes in: History of Economic Thought, Economic History of Colombia, History of Colombian Politics, and East Asian Literature . Here some of my treasures:

  • A first edition of Le Traité d'Économie Pure by Maurice Allais (1943)

It is probably the only existing volume. It was property of Kenneth Arrow.

  • A first edition of Expected utility hypotheses and the Allais Paradox by Maurice Allais and Ole Hagen (1979)

It was a gift from M. Allais to Jan Tinbergen. In the book dedication, Allais declares his admiration to Tinbergen, symbolizing a period in which the different branches of economics had a stronger connection.

Tinbergen was awarded the first Nobel Prize in Economics ten years before this dedication. He is considered one of the founding fathers of econometrics and was tremendously influential in Europe—in macroeconomics, mostly. Meanwhile, Allais—who will be awarded the Nobel Prize about ten years after this dedication—was a theoretician, also very influential in Europe, but mostly in microeconomics.

  • A first edition of “Ricardo's Economics” by Michio Morishima (1989).

It was a gift from Morishima to Kenneth Arrow. It is an emblem of the end of an era: the end of general-theory research in mainstream economics. Kenneth Arrow was the most influential economist of his generation and a symbol of the Walrasian general theory heritage. Morishima was quite important as well (he was a professor at LSE, President of the Econometric Society...). “Ricardo's Economics”, together with "Marx's Economics" and "Walras' Economics", completed a sequence of works in which Morishima reinterpreted the main general-theory traditions.

  • The complete works of Yasunari Kawabata. Including a first English edition of The Lake (1974)
  • A first edition of An economic history of Colombia 1845-1930 by William McGreevy (1971)
  • First edition of Éléments d'Économie Politique by Paul Beauregard (1886)
  • Almanaque de La Ilustración (1880, 1881)


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