Java Job Application


You are applying for a job at Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary. Below is a link to the online job application. We ask that you fill it out and submit it to be considered for an interview. Some of the responsibilities you will be responsible for if you are hired are but not limited to:

  • Preparing hot and cold drinks
  • Preparing hot and cold food
  • Taking and delivering orders
  • Taking care of our clients with a smile
  • Busing tables and cleaning dishes
  • All cleaning possibilities of the Coffee Sanctuary
  • Delivering Catering both near and far depending on our client needs
  • Shopping for supplies
  • Baking Our Treats (cookies, brownies, etc.)
  • Restocking our supplies
  • Hosting special events both in and out of the Sanctuary
  • Working with a team and communicating with said team
  • Managing your work schedule and being on time to all shifts

Again these are just some of the responsibilities of a Javateer. We are in many ways a hybrid coffee house / restaurant / caterer / bakery. If you think you are ready to join the team then please fill out the application.

To see more of what we do please check out our website at

Click Here For The Application