About Me

Hi, I'm Jason. I've built Virtual Reality programs, created classroom curriculum, taught coding to teenagers, and a whole lot else. Now, I’m a medical student at Tulane University, part of the class of ’22.

I specialize in being the guy that can break down anything into Plain English. Cutting-edge medical advancements, amazing biotech developments, what makes a video game so compelling – you name it, I can talk about it.

Prior to medical school, I worked as an educational game designer, building innovative, award-winning games to teach subjects like Organic Chemistry. I then worked in LA’s tech scene as a product manager at an incubator, and then ran a coding bootcamp to teach C# game development with the Unity platform. I’ve had amazing experiences, but I really wanted to go full-bore into something that helped people.

I come from a family of doctors, and an academic family of creatives, dreamers, and outside-the-box thinkers. I’m proud to count among my friends some of the greatest video game creators in the independent scene.

For speaking, collaboration and work opportunities, email jason [dot] mathias [at] gmail [dot] com