The Use of Language and Line

The use of Language, Line, Color and Sound

At least they talk (2013), and the Strange Dream Series, are the precursors for this section of pieces. As I began to invest more deeply into the role, line, text, color, composition, context, intent, meditation and emotion all played in my process in other series, I devised a series of works that look at the themes above, but in a different way. By using contour lines as a means of expression, it's like I am learning a new language. I explore themes such as control and intent, freedom and restraint, and, choice and consequence. Inspired by Jean Mitchell Basquiat and Jackson Pollock, I seek to create a language of creation where I connect visual and spacial ideas with conceptual experimentation in one space.

Language and line go hand in hand with music and movement. Music is earth's greatest gift, and movement a close second. I like to explore the role line and language have in this gift. Words are how the eye speaks. There's so much to say, from the physical form, to the meaning, to the context, to the interpretation and intent, to the passing and shifting of language from one generation to the next, to the graphing of certain symbols to our bodies. Rhythm is at the soul of all of this.

In order for language to exist, line must exist first, line and time are inseparable, in order for lines to exist, in order for language to mean anything, it must be understood in relation to time. Time is constant, but is also fettered to space, so space time and line all must coexist to create language. Add rhythm and we have music. We are nothing without our language. There is power in lines as it they are the genesis in everything. That power is transferred into our words. Language is the manifestation of how we interpret these words. And vice versa, words are the manifestation of how we interpret language. Communication is power. Historically speaking to lose that ability is to strip someone of their humanity.

As I moved into education I gained a new appreciation of the importance of owning a language. My work seeks to explore how language, line, and color can be, and have been, used to construct boundaries, yet simultaneously are the tools of liberation and freedom.

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