The New Yorker

New Yorker Series

Summer 2012

In a Jim-Davis-meets-Eustace-Tilley mindset, I aimed to capture my visions of the “New Yorker.” This series is an evolution of “Strange Dreams.” I began each piece by drawing rhythmically—rather absent-mindedly—into the newsprint. Slowly, a form started to come together. Once I had a character in mind, I worked to give each New Yorker an essence. I used watercolor on those skeletons to bring my visions to fruition.

At the time I was spending a lot of time in New York, very different parts of New York, with very different people. I was always kind of struck by the stratification of the boroughs and neighborhoods. Like different climates, and the inhabitants of that world, different consumers, I was amazed this was all “New York." The animals I chose, the colors, accessories, facial expressions, composition, are all meant to invoke different places in New York, there is meant to be humor in these observations, but it also it is a critique on class, perception, and diversity.

The New Yorker According to a Philly cat.

By Jason BYrd

The New Yorker needs nothings besides prey and pride.Hiding in a blitz of blistering footsteps,These beast of burden bark all around me Snapping and Chatting,and Snarling,and Sighing, and Sneezing.
The jungle jingles with a constant rattle,A rat race around every block.swells of wealth and sirens ring,It’s too fucking hot.
Subways submerge mammals who can’t swim.Stride with the trafficOr be trampled tragically in the havoc.Sit still and soak up the substance the New Yorker oozes And you lose. It’s odor
oscillates up the nose and it stinks and I thinkit's pretentious,yet the show strange animal friendships.
Cat and mouse, cat and bird, cat and I'm off the leash.I would eat you,but I'm trying to watch my figure.

Uptown republicans (2012)

Drama Llama (2012)

Welcome to the Jungle (2012)

The Not So Sneaky Stoner (2012)

Fly (2012)

Beast of Burden (subway) (2012)

Secondary Citizens (2012)

Rat Race (2012)