The Corner Store

Ode to the Corner Store

Spring ’12

For my final sophomore design project at Trinity, I decided to explore the artistic potential of items I consume and use, focusing on the corner store. The corner store is a place where the whole community meets and shops, but it’s often overlooked, underappreciated, and stigmatized. I chose to draw from the candy and snacks and drinks that I got from the gas station down the street from my dorm. I wanted to take my trash and transform it into something that would draw people in—something they would look at and consider art.

In this series, I tried to use combinations of all mediums and techniques that I learned over the course of the semester. Some of the final pieces are entirely digital, which allowed me to play with scale, pattern, and repetition in a way that would be impossible manually. If I had a chance to extend this project, I’d wallpaper an entire corner store with designs from this series, making the store itself into a work of art.

As my vision for this series continually expanded, I made a crossover from more “digital” or “graphic” posters to sculptural wall pieces, exploring the activation of three-dimensional space using found objects in this and in other series. I’m currently still developing pieces in this series. Each piece is a commentary on social interactions and the way color and tone is used in consumerism to manipulate sentiment.

From Kandinsky, Van Gogh, and Matisse, to Digimon, the Power Rangers, and the PowerPuff Girls, much has been communicated through color. This series is important as it led me to research the language of color and color relationships; how color can be used to express explicit emotions, but also subversive meanings.

Airheads (2012)

Cocaine Cola (2012)

Blazin Disco (2012)

Hole in the wall (2012)

Munchies (2012)

Snapple for the road (2012)

The Cafeteria (2014)

Vices (2012)

The Corner Store

By Jason BYrd

Doritos do disco in my spiraling my head.My vision is caked in crummy casualties.My stomach is a pit with one soul
To consume culture.
To Cause confusionFused with frustrations Forcing a function This facility has become unction
As the unwoke warriorfor this blip of a block,I call my body into serviceTo cross drawn lines.
Armed with a 5 dollar bill,My I.D,And slippers.I split spliffin’ it onMy epic quest to ingestThe other side.
I stroll in a panicThe wind is like granite,But My chin is tannish,So I think I should manageTo get out of this placeUndamaged,
I’m at such an advantage.
When I arrive,Relief cools my scorching eyes.I’m surprised I’m alive But I need a lighter For this all nighterWith no breaks
I always seem split between Choco chips And Ritz. The radio playsThe new hits.Peanut butter hovers, Apple bottomCaramel Candy loversLounge in the aisle,
No one smiles but Kyle the cashier.
I grab my supplies to survive.My camp runs low on rations.As Rational has ran robbery Style down my blockAnd behind our spine.4.89….Keep the change.
As I retreat to the safe gates and safe walls,
I think
I want to eat these colored linesbetween us.

Arizona 1 (2012)

Arizona 2 (2013)

Arizona 3 (2014)

Skittles Panel (2012)

Skittles Blended (2012)