Strange Dreams

The Strange Dreams Series

Winter/Summer ’11

“Strange Dreams” started as a series of charcoal on newsprint (24x17) drawings. I laid out the newsprint, turned up my music, and just unconsciously worked on the paper. Eventually, a figure or idea would emerge in the markings.

I revised these pieces the following summer, adding watercolor to each. I wasn’t sure what to make of of the finished works—kind of like when you wake up and remember moments of a bizarre dream you were having, but you’re not sure why you had that particular dream in the first place. I used the word “Jawn” in the titles because, where I come from, when we don’t know what to call something, we just call that thing a jawn. Even if we know what it is, we still call it a jawn.

This series is significant because it is the well of everything to follow. This is where I planted my flag. I am artist. I always have been known to draw and doodle, and was fortunate enough to have art classes in school, but this was the beginning of BYrd.

Bad Jawn (2011)

Somewhere Nowhere (2011)

Diva Bird Jawn

A Dream Deferred By Jason BYrd

By Jason BYrd

I found a dreamDrifting in the junk,So I popped my trunkAnd shifted my soulTo find a hole Missing a motive.
I sifted through starsAnd space,My mask,And race,To make room for a dream deferred.
A dream that appearedTo be dumped dubiously Due to a few faulty fulcrums.
A dream I now can not seemTo quit starting,To put down.To stop buffing.
It deserves to shine.
Like we all do.Like we used to.
I heard we all get what we deserve,But Snoop said,That shit’s absurd.Just observe the objects in my orbit
And ingest.
I was justan unjustManLiving in excess,and In Jestand Expending Energy Endlessly,And now,
My innards are emptyAnd I’m too tempted to notTake a shot to cool my throat.
I just hope it’s not soap.

Mars Bitches (2012)

JawnBat (2011)

Wasted jawn (2011)