I moved to Oakland in 2015 picking up where I left off, landscapes, line, color, and, text. I started a series of larger scale abstract landscapes on cardboard I acquired in the neighborhood. I have continued looking at the influences music has on my work. I am currently exploring themes around education, privilege, control, intent, and repetition.

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If These Babies Could Only Talk (2016)

Where's the Love (2016)

In My Castle (2016)

Eviction (2015)

Show Me How (2015)

SOS (The Time) (2016)

Juicy (2015)

Portraits in Love (2017)

Portraits in Love (2017)

No More Chances (2016)

Don't Bullshit me (2016)

Better (2018)

Baby (2018)

Bad (2018)

Living Still Life (2018)

Power (2018)

Canyon of Inequality (2018)

Money Bagz (2018)

El Negro Gato (2018)

The Sounds (2018)

JJ WaZ Here (2018)

New Law (2018)

I Didn't Do it (2018)

Going West 1 (2017)

Going West 2 (2018)

Thea (2017)

Spaghetti Dinosaurs (2018)