Abstract Landscapes

Abstract Landscapes

Synthesis. How does anything come to be? How does the mind put shapes, colors, and tones together to interpret space and create place? How does perspective intertwine with experience to make meaning of a space? These are the questions that drew me towards creating abstract landscapes. Steeped in history, I researched many past artists and their motivations towards abstraction and reverie towards nature, industry, and everything in between. From that research, I began to investigate my own process and how I went about creating a work of art. From there more questions came.

Abstract landscape 1 (2013)

B&W abstract landscape 1 (2014)

How do colors exist next to other colors? How do line and color interact to create space? how do I maintain process but create variation? what do I change? what rules do I construct around my process to ensure different results between series. I begin examining the role color plays in my process by working without it. I studied how composition and repetition can illicit mood without the use of color.

Abstract landscape 2 (2013)

I like to play off the idea I contain worlds inside of me, as we all do. I maintain common motifs between the series about scale and perception, dueling landscapes and climates. Contradictions existing as forms. The synthetic vs the natural, manufactured vs organic. I like to incorporate the face and figure in my pieces simultaneously creating a portrait and landscape. Over time I started to also create combined landscapes; combining sculpture and painting. For more on this topic, visit the found object page.

B&W Abstract landscape 2 (2014)

Abstract landscape 3 (2013)

Later on, I begin to use text to generate these landscapes, as I continued to look at alternate avenues within my process. Eventually I began working on televisions and cardboard, still contrasting the natural and artificial, the real and the fake. Abstract landscapes were an important jumping off point for my continued development as an artist as I challenged myself to work at different scales with different mediums. Landscapes are perhaps the essential motif in my work.

I let the box have you (2014)

I create these landscapes to contrast, and contradict. To inspire hope, and dwell in doldrums. They are thoughtful and thoughtless. I explore the harmony and dissonance between the biotic and abiotic. They represent shifting perspectives, a respect for the land, for history, they are science and magic colliding. An internal locus cultivated by my interaction with external stimuli.

Leaving a mark (2015)

Going home (2015)