Florida State University

Instructor of Record

Introduction to Econometrics (Summer 2019, Undergraduate)

  • Mean evaluation rating: 5/5
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  • Selected comments from student evaluations:
  1. "Jason did a really good job at clearly explaining concepts that I expected to be much more difficult. Some things I wasn't so sure about in the prerequisite (Analysis of Economic Data) were quickly cleared up once I started this course. Made a potentially painful course become second nature while also challenging students. Really encouraged students to fall in love with econometrics!"
  2. "Jason does an excellent job making the material accessible to his students and engaging while he teaches. This is the first time I've taken an Econ class here and left feeling like I truly absorbed the material, and could discuss it confidently outside of class. Jason has renewed my love for the field."
  3. "Jason quickly became one of my favorite professors at FSU and helped shed light on how useful an Economics degree will be in the labor force, which not a lot of professors go out of their way to do."
  4. "Best economics professor I've had. Takes time to thoroughly explain topics to make sure students understand."
  5. "Jason is so passionate about econometrics that he's able to actually make it interesting and not super difficult! Honestly, would not change anything about this class."

Analysis of Economic Data (Summer 2018, Undergraduate)

  • Mean evaluation rating: 4.92/5
  • Full evaluations
  • Selected comments from student evaluations:
  1. "Jason is one of the best professors/TAs I've ever had at FSU. He knows most of the students in my class by name, and he always tries to keep the subject matter interesting and applicable to real-world issues. I would take another class taught by him in a heartbeat."
  2. "One of the fastest ways to ruin a class for students is to show political bias (which is difficult to avoid in economics). I just want to thank you for providing a neutral atmosphere and respecting all your students."
  3. "Jason knows his stuff! I very much am enjoying the class. It is definitely one of my favorite classes I've taken at FSU. I like that we don't use powerpoint slides in the classroom. Taking notes along with our professor makes the course more engaging than classes that are based off of slides."

Teaching Assistant

Principles of Microeconomics (Fall 2015, Spring 2016)