Jason B. Akers

About Me

I am a Software Engineer in Research & Development for Intel Corporation where I specialize on emerging storage technologies. Notable public accomplishments include Differentiated Storage Solutions published in ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, publication and patenting of the ATA Device Sleep standard, Open Source Linux implementation of the ATA Hybrid Information Feature, and authoring of the open source NVM Express boot driver for Google ChromeOS depthcharge.

I am an alumni of the IBM Extreme Blue program where I worked on project "Efficionado", a partition power management extension for the IBM Power7 series servers. I filed several disclosures over the course of the program covering the latest innovation in energy-efficient server & tenant management technology.

Before that I studied Computer Science at Purdue University, graduating with the class of 2009. At Purdue I was a 4 year member of the All-American Marching Band, Tau Beta Sigma, and researcher with the Hanger of the Future program.

I enjoy hiking and mountaineering throughout the Pacific Northwest, experimenting with new micro controllers and hobby electronics (e.g. Arduino and MOJO FPGA), and enjoying Star Trek fan experiences.

My resume is available here.