Jason Peterson

Manufacturing & Plant Management Professional

Jason Peterson Plant Manager

Expert in Manufacturing and Plant Management

Jason Peterson is an experienced Plant Manager in the manufacturing industry. Well-versed in the trade, he is an expert in various aspects of manufacturing and plant management, including continuous improvement, business development and quality management methods. With a career spanning across nearly two decades, Peterson has developed his skill set by climbing the manufacturing ladder from the bottom to the top. Now, he’s interested in pursuing new professional pathways in the areas of business coaching, business consulting and project management.

Continuous Improvement Methodology

What is Continuous Improvement Methodology?

Throughout Jason Peterson’s career as a Plant and Quality Manager in manufacturing, he has established expertise in the way of transforming operations through continuous improvement methodology. This concept, which is also often referred to as a continual improvement process, is explained by Peterson as an ongoing effort to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy of procedures carried out by a company and/or organization.

Jason Peterson Continuous Improvement Methodology
Jason Peterson Continuous Improvement

Several of Jason Peterson’s career highlights are demonstrative of his mastery of continuous improvement methodology. While working as a Plant Manager, he managed safety and delivery improvements both in terms of service and cost. This effort proved to benefit all aspects of the manufacturing operation. Workers enjoyed the benefits of improved safety while increasing the effectiveness of their carried out procedures; the company as a whole enjoyed increased profits. Peterson’s role as Plant Manager also led him to coach teams on safety mindset, which implemented continuous improvement in the way of health and safety on the job. As a continued result, Peterson’s efforts also improved delivery performance significantly, with rates jumping from 46% to 98.5% across one year.

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Recently, Jason Peterson has tied together his personal interests with a professional pursuit by launching an eCommerce project. For many years, this avid sports fan has enjoyed collecting a variety of sports memorabilia. Now, he’s sharing his hobby with fellow sports aficionados by curating his collection for sale. In his professional life, Peterson has achieved mastery as a leader. But this venture is his first hand at running and operating all processes entirely on his own. No stranger to a challenge, he has enjoyed the learning experiences that his eCommerce shop has offered him. In particular, the project has helped him to develop new insight on launching a business. In the future, Peterson hopes to dive deeper and try his hand at entrepreneurship on a larger scale!

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