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Jarod Woznik is an in-demand American Guitar Tech, Stage Manager and Production/Tour Manager based in Los Angeles, CA.  Growing up in Santa Clarita, CA, a suburb of LA, Woznik’s musical journey began with stars in his eyes.  Upon hearing Jimi Hendrix’s “Band Of Gypsys” album, he wanted to be a rockstar.

At a young age, he had the good fortune of being mentored and directed by Kenny Lee Lewis, a multi instrumentalist with the Steve Miller Band.  Another early guide was guitarist Yogi Lonich (Buckcherry, Chris Cornell, Wallflowers) as he employed Woznik for some of his first local guitar tech gigs.

Slowly, Woznik realized his true calling was not in the spotlight but behind the curtain.  Upon landing his first major touring gig with The Bangles (“Walk Like An Egyptian”), he devoted himself to becoming a full-time guitar tech.  Since 2016, he has worked with the legendary "Queen of Metal", Lita Ford as her guitar tech and tour/production manager.  Other clients include Rick Springfield, Don Felder, and Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.  In 2020, Woznik began working as a technician at Schecter Guitars in Sun Valley, CA.  Specializing in requested artist setups along with production models, he has set up and/or repaired over 6,000 instruments and counting.

Throughout it all, Jarod has continued to maintain a passion for music.  Except now, he’s the one keeping the rockstars running.