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Working papers

Lodge, J., & Howard-Grenville, J. (2018). From paralysis to collective action: Navigating organizational stigma transfer in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Helms, W.S., & Lodge, J. (2018). Beyond Marginalization: Empowerment and the Creation of Value for Stigmatized Clienteles.

Work in progress

Howard-Grenville, J., & Lodge, J. (2019). Embeddedness and Routine Dynamics.

Lodge, J., & Howard-Grenville, J. (2019). Socialising People With Conviction (Back) Into Work: On Individual-Level Experiences and Organisation-Level Practices.

Lodge, J., Spencer, B., Claus, L., & Rerup, C. (2019). When we Kill: An Analysis of Capital Punishment Routine Dynamics in the U.S.