Waves and Water

This is meant to be viewed on three separate monitors. Each video is shown below.

This unique shore is alvar limestone. Note the water snake top right making its way into the water, a counter wave movement to the directions of the waves.

I took this video when there was a blue green algae bloom on the alvar shore of a lake. I inserted breathing because of the rhythm of the waves and because this algae's production of oxygen helped tip the earth's atmosphere to high enough oxygen levels to support aerobic life forms. Blue green algae has been here for a long, long time.

Spring flooding on the alvar limestone shore of Lake Windfall creates ripples of light on the cedar trees.

Water waves, colour waves, sine wave music; they all create a mesmerizing effect. Thanks goes to Johnny Kember for the sound track for this and for the next video, Ripple Wave action.

Mesmerizing or causing nausea; it varies from person to person.

Dawn and bird song. The bird songs fade out towards the end to represent the precipitous drop in song bird populations due to depredation by cats, climate change, and habitat destruction.

These videos are intended to be shown as a triptych on 3 large monitors.

These water beetles are very social.