Strange Beauty:

The Energy Industries of Lambton County

The Heritage Oil Fields Of Fairbank Oil Properties, Oil Springs, Ontario.

This is the rig that drives the jerker line system of the heritage oil fields near Oil Springs, Ontario. It is part of Fairbank Oil Properties and was created in the later 1800's. The jerker line system spread out from the rig to operate multiple pump jacks over acres of oil properties. The system was invented by J.H. Fairbank.

My videos concentrate on the unique movements and sounds of this system of machinery.

These are the large cogs that are part of the works of the James Rig.

This video shows the jerker line system. It concentrates of the interesting movements and peculiar sounds created by this system of oil extraction. This is an absolutely unique landscape.

This is a different jerker system on the Fairbank Oil Properties. It is also a different landscape in look, feeling and sound. The sheep in the video are enclosed in a lambing shed. They will soon graze the properties to keep the grass and weeds from growing around the jerker lines.

This is a model I made of the James Rig Building that has 4 tablets showing my videos of the interior works of the rig in action.

Chemical Industry in Lambton County

Windmills, Lambton County