Nikos Cafe

Eatery just 10 minutes away from the house. Complete with ATM, Copy Center and City Hall Office.

Exercise at the Boulevard

Go for a walk or a jog at the popular Administration Building Boulevard.

Panama Canal Administration Building and Office Complex

The iconic building is just 10 minutes away walking from home.

The Bridge of The Americas

Once, the only bridge connecting Central America.

The Amador Causeway

Rent a bicycle and ride the whole 5km that consist The Amador Causeway. Filled with restaurants, bars and marinas.

The Biodiversity Museum

Here you will learn about the importance of the Panama Istmus in the history of Planet Earth.

Albrook Mall

The biggest shopping mall in Latin America. Complete with supermarkets, cinema, banks and a bowling alley. UBER ride: $2.50 from the house.

Albrook Bus Terminal

Go anywhere in the city and the country from the Albrook Central Station. UBER ride: $2.50 from the house.

Albrook Subway Terminal

Get fast to City's Downtown with the Panama Metro Subway system. UBER ride: $2.50 from the house.