Jamraka means "Family House" in Ngäbe-Buglé dialect. The Ngäbe are one of the many tribes that live peacefully in the Republic of Panama. We started this business back in 2010 as a family business. Since then, we've hosted a wide variety of people from all backgrounds and countries.

The house is a two story building. The rooms are located on the first floor. There are 5 rooms with two shared bathrooms and a complete kitchen where you can make your own food. There are two refrigerators and cabinets to storage your groceries.

The house also comes with:

  • WiFi
  • Cable TV
  • Laundry machine and dryer (bring your own detergent)
  • Backyard
  • Terrace

Jamraka Homestay

Our house is an old two story building that was part of the housing complex from the former Panama Canal Zone.

The Backyard

Green grass during the rainy season on our backyard,

Lush Nature

A block away from the house.

Quite and Safe

The former Panama Canal Zone is considered a Garden City. Everywhere you walk you will find big old trees and if lucky, you will spot a tucan. White tail deers are easier to see.