Jamie Simmons is the CEO at Covantex and an innovative serial entrepreneur. Strengthened by his background in engineering, Simmons gravitates towards the latest and greatest in high tech ventures.

In 1983, Jamie Simmons received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. On a fast track to get his career off the ground, Simmons took an accelerated route to complete his degree in just two years. His full steam ahead, forward-thinking approach as a student has largely carried him through his professional career. Always leaning towards the unique and innovative, Simmons likes to stay ahead of the curve.

Throughout his career, Jamie Simmons has maintained numerous leadership roles and executive positions. Directing projects and representing teams as a leader have developed into some of his most solidified strengths. Known for pioneering unique and daring concepts, Simmons is bold both as an entrepreneur and as an engineer.

Jamie Simmons Entrepreneur & Engineer
Jamie Simmons Travel & Adventure

Even in his personal life, Jamie Simmons maintains a fiery passion for adventure! Daring to be bold, he embraces his love of travel with an adventurous spirit. When he isn’t dabbling with the latest and greatest concepts in high tech, Simmons particularly enjoys sailing and flying.

For nearly two decades, Jamie Simmons has sailed monohulls, from Pearson 29s to Swan 45s. He also maintains his pilot’s license. If time and money were not variables on the map, Simmons would fly seaplanes down to the Caribbean Islands -- just like Jimmy Buffet! For now, he is happy to take flight and set sail when he can, on his own terms. Simmons’s adventures keep his mind uniquely prepared for the challenges he takes on in his entrepreneurial career.