Improving lives in low-resource communities

through holistic research, engineering and education

The stark disparity between the needs of those living in low-resource communities around the world and the ubiquitous low-impact engineering projects worked on by so many in the high-resource contexts led to the founding of Noble Pursuits in 2012. With the goal of improving lives in low-income communities around the world through holistic research, engineering and education, Noble Pursuits takes steps to provide and apply evidence-based research to some of the worlds most challenging problems that are largely ignored by the engineering communities of high-resource communities.

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About the Founder

James is motivated by what can improve health, safety and happiness for those living in low-resource communities around the world. Trained as an engineer and experienced as a STEM educator, mechanical design engineer, civil engineer and researcher, James works primarily on water and sanitation infrastructure development in rural low-resource communities around the world. James also speaks about and educates youth in the high-resource communities about related topics.

James' work has focused on Southeast Asia, primarily Cambodia, India and Bangladesh. His work has included designing and constructing community-scale water treatment systems, solar power systems, and earthquake-resistant housing; and researching how human behavior affects fecal sludge management. James has worked at and with various universities, non-profit international development organizations, and private organizations. Currently, James is working on water and sanitation infrastructure development as a principle investigator, researcher and adviser on projects in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Nepal) and Africa (the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

James is a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer and has taught STEM to students in grade 8 through graduate school for over 10 years. Originally from Gilroy, CA, James lived in San Diego, CA for many years and now lives in Broomfield, CO. James has volunteered extensively for mountain rescue and various development organizations, and enjoys hiking and travelling with his wife, Devon; son, Paxton; and rescue pit bull, Canela.