James Federico




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  • Protect property values by keeping lights and odours in check

  • Ensure property standards are enforced

  • Encourage affordable housing with smart development in residential areas


  • Help farmers diversify and grow income streams

  • Shape Pelham as a destination for agritourism

  • Protect farmers from encroaching residential development


  • Grow Pelham's capacity and reduce costs with shared services and partnerships

  • Ensure essential services are provided for seniors, families and youth

  • Plan for the long-term by budgeting responsibly and encouraging job creation


Whether coaching sports, shaping the design of the Meridian Community Centre, or acting as chair of the Committee of Adjustment, I have always worked with enthusiasm and integrity to serve the needs of Pelhamites, both now and for the future.

✔︎ Proven ability to bring together diverse opinions and characters together to implement practical solutions

✔︎ First-hand awareness of the challenges facing farmers and other rural businesses — and a commitment to helping all of our Ward One businesses succeed

✔︎ As a Ward One resident and business owner, I am personally and professionally invested in the community, and committed to securing its long-term health and prosperity


Skills, experience and the right attitude are essential ingredients for success.

In several volunteer and professional positions I have been fortunate to acquire a range of skills and experience to help me serve you as your Councillor for Ward One.

Volunteer Service Roles

Vice Chair - Architectural Design Advisory Committee, Pelham MCC

Steered the design and community engagement of the Meridian Community centre. Worked with community groups, councilors, and architects to deliver a facility that was built under budget, and is bringing revenue above projections.

Chair- Committee of Adjustment, Pelham

Adjudicated minor variance applications, consents and severances. Required familiarity with provincial, regional, and local planning policies, as well as understanding of property/planning laws.

Director of Development: Wainfleet Minor Hockey Association

Create fun, effective hockey programming for WMHA. Increased program enrolment last 3 seasons

Government Liaison Program: Professional Engineers Ontario

Through PEO, liaise with provincial politicians to develop policy around engineering

Head Coaching Roles

  • Pelham Minor Hockey

  • Wainfleet Minor Hockey

  • St Catharines Summer Hockey

  • Pelham Soccer Club

Professional Experience

Principal: James Federico & Associates, Professional Engineers

Working daily with municipalities across the country has given me exposure to best practices in building and planning.

Facility Manager: Niagara College

Responsible for facility design, maintenance and project management for projects in a broader public sector environment.

Technical Services Officer: Brock University

Managed 6.4 MW combined heat and power plant. Delivered significant utility savings to the university.


I worked together with James Federico on the ADAC committee. What strikes me about James, is his clear passion for our community, and all of the people within it: he searches for the equitable solution in all matters. He is a good listener, an articulate communicator, and a strong problem solver. When asked to come to my classroom to field some questions on town development, he responded with a resounding "YES!" He listened with sincerity to the questions of my students, and spoke about our town with an integrity, and passion that was inspiring. James is someone you can trust, and will be an excellent representative for his ward. Without a doubt, he will strengthen our entire community if elected. He is someone who shows up for everyone!

Jennifer Benson
ADAC - Performance Arts Representative

We have been fortunate to have James as our children’s hockey coach for several seasons. Coach James has been a fantastic role model, teacher, and leader. He is energetic and passionate, and has consistently worked hard to encourage every child to deliver their best. The team has done very well as a result, and the kids have enjoyed it tremendously. James exemplifies and encourages teamwork, determination and positive problem solving on and off the ice. He is concerned for and supports the greater community. He shares his love of the game with the players and their parents. He looks for ways to excel in his professional and personal life and achieves his personal goals. He is open-minded, a forward thinker, driven to make positive changes, and looks for solutions to all problems. He has demonstrated that he can handle and resolve interpersonal conflict professionally, with grace and compassion. He is resilient during stressful times on and off the bench. He is a good listener, listens carefully and attentively to concerns, and works with his team to find positive solutions in difficult situations while following the guidelines and procedures set out by the board. We have no doubt James will make a great councillor, work hard for the community of Pelham, and focus on what is in the best interest of the people living in Pelham.

Grant Zavitz

Foss Road, Fenwick

James Federico has been a strong parent member in our school community over the past decade. He has volunteered to help out our students on many occasions. Our school has a large focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and James has come into the school to talk to students in groups and individually about what engineers do, how they solve problems, the importance of STEM in the world around us, and has offered guidance to students who are interested in learning more. Our students love it when James comes to the school to talk about his own personal experiences in STEM and brings theory to practice.

James has also taken the lead on helping with our school sporting events. He brings his years of experience coaching children's sport teams to our school and has helped us make a long jump pit so that the students could practice for their jumping events at our Board wide Track and Field event. We can always count on James to help when we need it!

Jordan Hart
Riley Ave, Fonthill


James lives and works in Fenwick with his wife and three children. A graduate of the University of Waterloo, James runs an engineering firm focused on providing cost effective services to homeowners, businesses, and institutional clients.

James’ passion is coaching. James works hard to develop athletes in a safe and positive environment with a focus on accountability. This approach has resulted in championships with 3 different sports organizations. James has received commendations from players, parents, and pro athletes. When he’s not coaching sports James enjoys building just about anything, and spending time hiking or paddling outdoors.


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