James J Igoe

Explore sites I've used to expand my  knowledge for software development and data analysis

Grid mage for Data Analysis blog link

A site focused on exploring social & economic issues with statistics and machine learning using Python and R programming languages

Node and Vertices Image for Azure Notebooks page link

Jupyter-style notebooks for my DATA ANALYSIS site, using R and Python, with additional work in F#, originally published here

NuGet brand image for NuGet Site link

Some of my libraries published as NuGet packages, more for exploration than use

GitHub cat image for GitHub repositories link

Some of my prior work published, more for display than use, although some projects are quite innovative, and here is some lighter work on Gists

Repeating pattern for Design Patterns blog link

Code for a variety of design patterns, for my own edification, many of I which already use in production applications, done with C# or VB.NET

Repeating solar panel pattern for Learning F# blog link

Learning a functional language by solving mathematical problems from Project Euler in a strict, idiomatic fashion