Jameel Fortes

Dancer & Athlete

Artist Statement

My name Jameel Fortes Knighton, I am 16 currently enrolling at E3 Academy. I like sports and to go out and get active. I like to call myself chill dancer who likes to do things that challenge me and won't give up on like balance, endurance, and power. I focus mainly on breakdance and hip-hop and I also have done a couple contemporary, afro beat, and Bachata pieces. I use all genre's in my form of dance whether it's choreographing or freestyling . I appreciate all feed back and want to know what I do wrong for the reason that sometimes it's a good thing . I like to be different and make sure people recognize my style. I explored photography and film for while, I think it's a cool opportunity to make something cool but I really like staying active. One of the fun thing to do in my opinion is dance.