Conferences & Workshops


  • Math Alliance: Field of Dreams Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel [Nov]
  • Cascade Topology Seminar University of Manitoba [Sep]
  • MSRI: Geometric Group Theory Casa Matemática Oaxaca [Jul]
  • LG&TBQ University of Wisconsin [Jun]
  • GSCAGT Temple University [Jun]
  • MathConnections UC Riverside [May]
  • Redbud Topology Conference University of Oklahoma [Apr]
  • Graduate School on the Geometry of Teichmuller spaces SCGP at Stony Brook University [Apr]


  • MathConnections UC Riverside [May]
  • Joint Mathematical Meeting San Diego Convention Center [Jan]


  • AMS Fall Western Sectional UC Riverside [Nov]
  • MathConnections UC Riverside [May]
  • MAA SoCal-Nev Section Meeting Cal State Northridge [Apr]



  • An Introduction to Interval Bundles UCR Graduate Student Seminar [10 Jan] pdf


  • Fibering Rigidity of the Atiyah-Kodaira Bundle UCR Topology Seminar [6 Nov] pdf
  • The Bigon Criterion MSRI: Geometric Group Theory @ CMO [9 July] pdf
  • Constructing Atiyah-Kodaira Fibrations UCR Topology Seminar [23 May] pdf
  • Your Daily Recommended Serving of Fiber Bundles UCR Graduate Student Seminar [8 Mar] pdf
  • The Mapping Class Groups of Some Surfaces UCR Topology Seminar [21 Feb] pdf
  • An Introduction to Surfaces, Fiber Bundles, and Other Words UCR Topology Seminar [14 Feb] pdf


  • Bigon Criterion UCR Topology Seminar [1 Nov] pdf
  • Intersection Numbers of Simple Closed Curves on Surfaces UCR Topology Seminar [25 Oct] pdf
  • Constructing Arithmetic Hyperbolic Surfaces UCR Graduate Student Seminar [1 Jun] pdf