Hi, I'm Jake, a Statistician from California.

Fascinate: to draw irresistibly the attention and interest; to transfix and hold spellbound by an irresistible power. I'm in a perpetual state of fascination. Pick a topic below and let's explore together!

Data Science & Machine Learning Projects

I use R, Python, Tableau, Power BI, and Excel to analyze and visualize data.

(Update 7/18: Pages still under construction)


After years of having conversations in complex moral and ethical spaces, I've developed strategies that have completely changed the way I listen, speak, read, and write. These tactics range from slight changes in tone or vocabulary, all the way to attempting to full cultural paradigm shifts. Learn about the "Anderson Method", best practices, and case studies here >>

Weightlifting & Nutrition

After embarking on a journey of deconstructing my relationship with food, movement, and my body, I've compiled what I've learned, as well as reviewed my specific experience with CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. Read more about my journey and what I learned along the way here >>

Academic Tutoring & Teaching

From the high school library, to my parents' garage group classes, to formal instruction through a test prep companies and universities, I've tutored and taught in different capacities for most of my life. I'm compiling the best resources I can find to make the journey easier for others. From math, to computer science, to Chinese language, there's so much to explore! >>

Cultural Competency

For most of my life race, ethnicity, and culture were secondary thoughts or details. After many years of unlearning and relearning, I have a totally different lens with which to view people, interactions, and systems. Let's learn together! >>


Between working together, living abroad, and transitioning careers, we've learned a lot about what it means to do things together, exist in the same space, and thrive, not just survive. At times, we've spent 24/7 on the same projects and had to navigate "coworker time" with "at-home time". We needed to code switch between love languages, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English with each other's families, and counsel others along the way. Find out what has worked for us and others, and how we've grown as a couple. >>

Scrubbing Social Media

Social media has an insane amount of data about us stored, mostly because we gave it willingly or because we consented in some form. I recently removed or hid almost every public or viewable post on Facebook, and I want to share my process to help others who are interested. Teach me how >>