What is this chain of solidarity ?

It is a complementary help to the recovery of a hospitalized or very sick child based on the sending of love energy. It is based on a principle of solidarity so it is free.

What is the energy of love ?

You have the right to conceive of life differently. Maybe you can not believe that the universe works like this and therefore adhere to this vision.

It is my empirical and subjective perception that I propose to you and not an absolute truth.

A thought is an energy. This energy vibrates differently depending on the mood with which it is associated. An energy of love is thus a thought emitted on the vibratory frequency of the love (528Hz).

We are thousands of people around the world who believe that this energy contributes to healing. Alternative therapies such as reiki, magnetism, bioenergy, quantum therapies, biofeedback, etc ... use it. We believe that the power of love energy boosts the vital force, activates the circulation of the meridians and chakras, helps to reduce symptoms, and enhances the benefits of medical treatments.

Anyone is able to create an energy of love and send it to someone through his thoughts and imagination.

From a scientific point of view, the existence of an energy field in and around the human body has been proved (see around 1970 the discoveries of the German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp on the emission by human cells of biophotons "). In traditional medicine, tools like MRI are based on the energy produced by the body to observe the activity of the body. For example, we can see the electromagnetic waves emitted by our brain when we think. Other scientists have tried to measure the frequency of our emotions.

The rest is for the moment a mystery.

Who manages this chain ?

Isabelle PELECANOS. Mail de contact : isabelle@e-bebes.com by specifying Solidarity + name and first name of the child.

All personal information (emails, names, first names, etc.) will be exclusively reserved for the use of the solidarity channel. Information about the child applicant will be known to the senders. The sender information will remain anonymous. Isabelle PELECANOS reserves the right to keep a list of applicants and senders which only she will have access to organize the logistics of the chain.

Why this idea ?

As a pedo-energy therapist, I am regularly informed of health problems encountered by toddlers. Either I spontaneously offer them help, or the children or parents ask me to intervene from an energy point of view. Sometimes I ask my friends and friends energyists.

The one that motivated me to transform this punctual help into a chain of solidarity is called Matt. He is 3 years old and has left a piece of phalanx in the mouth of a tiger in Ecuador. Faced with the high risks of infection and amputation, as well as the difficulties of his body to adapt to the local climate, I asked about 70 people to send energy. The risks were dismissed and Matt asked me to bounce back on his story so that other toddlers would benefit from such help. So, with the agreement of Matt and his parents, here I am to realize this fantastic idea !