UC Berkeley 2018

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Le Bridge Entrepreneurship

During my stay here at UC Berkeley and San Francisco as part of the Le Bridge Entrepreneurship program, I will be sharing my experiences as often as possible. Posts will cover topics on Entrepreneurship, Machine Learning, Bloackchain and personal experiences.

Challenge Lab Project


Course to career (C^2) + Intro to ML

Breaking news !! We are already starting to get our hands dirty in all our different subjects. Blockchain ChallengeLab, Introduction to entrepreneurship, Newton Series Lectures, Data-x.... For each of them we have to create a group of up to 5 people with whom we will work during the course. Fortunately, each and every one of them is tech based so we will be able to show a prototype at the end of the semester and possibly launch one to market.

I have created a miniblog for each of the subjects Data-x, Blockchain, Newton Series (which you can also access by clicking on any of the links that appear in the top right corner) where I will write about the progress we are making in each of the projects. As for now I will post the syllabus for each of them so you can have a look at them.

More on Data-x and Blockchain and our projects.

Courses and a bit more about UC Berkeley

Startup Semester Kick-off

University of Standford and Criteo

My first week in Berkeley and introduction to the Startup Semester.