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Olympiad Result 2018-19

Sankranti / Pongal 2019




JAIHIND INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL celebrated Christmas in a grand manner on 21.12.18. Christmas is a festival celebrated to adore and honor the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. People throughout the world decorate their houses and Christmas tree on Christmas. Our celebration started with a wonderful Christmas skit by students of Grade 2 to 8. Carols were played and children enjoyed dancing for it. Our Senior Principal- Mrs. Saroja Raghavan, Vice Principal – Dr.Jeyaganesh and all the teachers danced and the children enjoyed it. It was a fantabulous performance. Students of Grade 6, 7 & 9 also danced for carols gracefully. JAIHIND INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is glad to wish you all “MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2019”

Annual Sports Day

Jaihind international school Annual Sports Meet 2018 was conducted on 15.12.18 (Saturday) in a grand manner. The theme of our Annual Sports Meet 2018 was "Health is Wealth".

The program started with the slow March by our students to honor our chief guest

Shri.C.R.Jayasimha national table tennis player, Principal Mrs. Mary Gomez, GB palaya branch, Vice principal Dr. S.Jeya Ganesh, Hongasandra branch and Managing Director Mr. Kishore Kumar.

The welcome address was given by Navya, the school head girl. The lamp was lit by the chief guest and our dignitaries. The march past led by the sports captain Samson, followed by the school head boy Darshan, the school head girl Navya, the entire student's council members, the house captains, and the entire cadets was majestic and adorable.

Our tiny tots of Pre kg started the sports drill. All the students from Pre-kg 2 grade 10 performed various sports drill excellently to their heart's content. The winners of the sports events were awarded certificates and medals. The program came to an end with the National Anthem.

Jaihind International school celebrated Parents' worship day on 17.12.18. Our students showed their gratitude to their parents by adorning them with a tilak on their forehead and also garland them.

This celebration was an eye opener for our parents and students to build a strong bond forever. Our students, parents, and teachers were benefited both physically and mentally.

Spelling Bee Prize Winners

Congratulations! Jaihind is proud to announce that our children participated enthusiastically in the International Spell Bee CompetitionLevel 1.

32 children had appeared for the exam. 3 children received school topper medal and certificate and 24 children received certificate of achievement. The 27 winners are selected for the State Level Spell Bee competition – Level 2.

The school toppers are :

1. Dakshana Shree .D. - Grade 2

2. Prathana .S. - Grade 4

3. Atchaya .S. - Grade 6


Children's day was celebrated in a grand manner. The program began with the felicitation by our Vice Principal Dr.S. JeyaGanesh. Motivational speeches were given by our teachers. All the teachers performed dances and sang songs for the children. The performance of Jaihind teachers was mind blowing with all zest and zeal. The kids had fun and enjoyed the children's day. Our Managing Director Mr. Kishore Kumar and the management played a vital role in the success of the day. Special Thanks to Mr. Ritesh (Department of science) and teachers for their immense support.

Jaihind Diwali 2018

Diwali Celebration in Jaihind School

Karnataka Rajyotsava

Karnataka Rajyotsava, also known as Karnataka Formation Day

Saraswathi Pooja

Saraswathi Pooja was celebrated grandly. All the teachers and students prayed to Goddess Saraswathi with devotion. Slogans were recited by the teachers and students. Also, devotional songs were sung.

Fancy Dress

Fancy dress competition was held on the theme - Cartoon characters. Children of the Upper Kinder Garten dressed like Spider man, Chotta Bheem, Dora, Barbie dolls, Goofy, Donald duck and Mickey Mouse etc.. Children spoke on their roles in their tender and sweet voices. All the participants and non-participants enjoyed the ramp walk.

Independence Day

Patriotism is in the heart and soul of Jaihind family.

Our honourable Correspondent hoisted the national flag. Our Senior Principal, Managing Director, Vice Principal and Academic Managing Director gave their patronage for our national flag. All the teachers and students participated enthusiastically on the events conducted. Events included the march past, patriotic dances and songs, speech on Independence day and mime based on the terror of terrorism etc...

Rainbow Day

Hat Day

Our tiny tots of the Kinder arten were fantastic with their creative and colorful hats. Parents and teachers motivated the children very well. Children enjoyed the day. Our dear parents have shown great interest in decorating their child's hat. Hat's Off to our parents and children.

Chocolate Day

The main theme of “Chocolate Day” is dental hygiene. The tiny tots were given guidance on the maintenance of good teeth that ultimately is the reason for good health. The importance of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet was well-explained by teachers. A healthy time table chart was circulated.

Investiture Ceremony

“A leader knows the way, shows the way and

goes the way with the team”

An election was held for the nominees and the voting was duly organized. The election poll team declared the leaders based on the number of votes. All the children were given a chance to vote for their leaders. Investiture Ceremony was held to honor the leaders. Our Correspondent Mr. Raghavan, Senior principal Mrs. Saroja Raghavan, Managing Director Mr. Kishore Kumar, Academic Managing Director Dr. Nivea Jeyaganesh and Vice Principal Dr.Jeyaganesh gave the badges to all the leaders. It is a pride for JAIHIND INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL to motivate our young leaders to gain leadership qualities.

Environment Day

Environment Day celebration was organized by the members of Honda. The importance of planting saplings and its benefits was well portrayed. Children got a clear picture of the necessity to keep the environment safe and clean. The management and teachers motivated the children on the same. Grade 6 to 10 students went on a rally holding plague cards (Slogans on the theme – Go Green). Our Correspondent Mr. Raghavan and Senior principal Mrs. Saroja Raghavan gave saplings to the vendors. A small area was cleaned by our Jahind teachers and students. Our Senior Principal encouraged the entire Jahind family and also was a part of cleaning the area.

“Nurture nature and nature would nurture you “