Ms. Rivera- English

The Mission of Jane Addams High School is to increase each scholar's critical thinking skills, promote personal responsibility, and self-sufficiency.

A glimpse into the life of Ms. Rivera:

    • Graduated Cum Laude with degree in Secondary Education English from Northeastern Illinois University
    • Proud nerd who loves literature, theater, and museums
    • Teen fantasy is my favorite genre and Sarah J. Maas my favorite author of the genre
    • Teaching has been my dream for as long as I can remember and I can promise I will give it everything I have, hope you do the same in my class

Argumentation: Analysis and Craft of an Argument

Arguments have become commonplace in society, though not as productive as they could be. The goal of this class is to first analyze arguments that we come in contact with either consciously or unconsciously from text and media. Once we better understand the strategies being used to pursuade, we will work on implimenting these rhetorical skills into our own writing. Each student has a unique voice and perspective, and this class will help them more effectively be heard.

Essential questions we will explore include:

    • What rhetorical strategies are being used in media?
    • What impact can rhetoric have on audience reception?
    • How can we use these same strategies to more effectively convey our own ideas?

Reading & Comp

Literature is both a window into the experiences of others, and a mirror to reflect upon our own experiences. In this class we will explore the purpose and significant of reading, and how the skills of reading analysis extend beyond written word. Students will read Unwind by Neil Shusterman, and explore how dystopian fiction serves as a critique to what may become of our own world. Students will then learn how to create their own mirrors, writing in a way that causes their audiences to reflect on an issue or experience in their own life.

Essential questions we will explore include:

    • What impact can literature have on the real world?
    • How can we write in a way that produces change?
    • How can we use our reading skills to better understand and anaylze the world around us?