Working Papers

National Wage Setting
(with Christina Patterson, Heather Sarsons and Bledi Taska), February 2022
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[Recently Updated!] Downward Rigidity in the Wage for New Hires
(with Bledi Taska), July 2022
Revise and resubmit, American Economic Review
Coverage: Marginal Revolution, Joint Economic Committee (US Senate)


The Slope of the Phillips Curve: Evidence from U.S. States
Juan Herreño, Emi Nakamura and Jón Steinsson), August 2022
Quarterly Journal of Economics [lead article]
Link to database of state level inflation
The Economist, Paul Krugman (Substack), Noah Smith (Bloomberg View), Chicago Fed speech, New York Times, Full Stack Economics
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Unemployment Insurance Financing as a Uniform Payroll Tax
(with Sebastian Graves, Walker Lewis and Christina Patterson), May 2022
American Economic Association, Papers & Proceedings

AI and Jobs: Evidence from Online Vacancies
Daron Acemoglu, David Autor and Pascual Restrepo), April 2022
Journal of Labor Economics
The Economist, Voxeu, The Washington Post
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Systemic Risk Shifting in Financial Networks
(with Matthew Elliott and Co-Pierre Georg), January 2021
Journal of Economic Theory
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Search Demand Effects, Equilibrium Unemployment and a Wage Phillips Curve
By Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau, Etienne Wasmer and Philippe Weil
AMSE-BdF Macro Workshop, December 2020