Misi Escuela de Teatro Musical, Bogota, Colombia, South America

"Jacquie I think I've known you at least 3 lifetimes and have been blessed to serve as your teacher (when I first began to teach for Alpha Omega. ..) and to see your Broadway work, to work with you in "School Daze" and most recently to have you as guest lecturer for both Princeton and Hofstra Universities. Your Swing Authentic Jazz workshops are always well received and chocked full of historical information, legacy reinforcement. If we don't claim it, it will cease to have originated from us. When you scatted and sang the history during the warm up it was so reminiscent of the Jalis singing their history of the people of Mali. Then you worked them out....with love and humor, they worked!!!"

--Dyane Harvey-Salaam, Educator, Choreographer, Performer &

Founding Member of The Forces of Nature Dance Theatre