"Jacquie Bird cares beyond the music. She listens, hears and feels your individual approach to learning and adjusts to make sure you are clear on what YOU need to do to perform at your best. I know Jacquie to be a great Master teacher and performer. IJS"

--the late Bruce Hawkins, Performer, Artist, Renaissance Man

I started off training as a Modern Dancer at the age of 15 at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn, NY under the awesome-ly inspiring tutelage of Ms. Jeannie Meizner.

Having the good fortune to work with some of the best continued during my time at City College. I had the opportunity to study with the late greats Thelma Hill for Modern & Walter Raines, Ballet. Exposed to guest artists such as Clay Taliafero, Henry Yu, Buzz Miller, et al. it was instrumental in the foundation of my technique & teaching style.

Continuing on with the great Frank Hatchett, I learned to 'Sell It!' & working with him was the gateway to a Musical Theatre career where I began to study voice with the Mahvelously Magnificent Kamal Scott, the Fabulous-ly Fantastic Mary Rodgers, & the Indescribably Immense Mario Sprouse, in addition to taking various acting classes in the city.

I am a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the Leonard Davis Center for the Performing Arts at City College, and I hold a B.F.A in Dance.

JAZZ- Buzz Miller, Lee Theodore, Ronn Pratt, Frank Hatchett

MODERN- Thelma Hill, Marjorie Perces, Dyane Harvey, Ronn Pratt

BALLET- Walter Raines, Nancy Mikota

TAP- Judy Ann Bassing, Ms. Eleanor Harris


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