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Presentation and Curriculum vitae

I have defended my PhD. thesis in Lille on March 20, 2018, under the supervision of Prof. Aurélien Djament and Prof. Antoine Touzé

I am currently working in Amiens (France) as Maître de Conférences.

You can find my CV here (version française ici).


LAMFA, Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Bureau C012,

33 rue St Leu

80000 Amiens (France).

e-mail address : jacques.darne@normalesup.org

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A brief overview of my research

I am mainly interested in groups and filtrations on them. Precisely, by "groups", I mean mainly some infinite groups, often with a topological flavour, such as braid groups and their generalisations, or groups of automorphisms of free groups. And by "filtrations", I mean lower central series, or filtrations having similar properties, whose associated graded is a Lie algebra.