Economic Historian

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I am a professor of economic history at the Sapienza University of Rome, a research fellow at the CEPR in London, and a research associate of the CAGE in Warwick. I have a doctoral degree in economics from the University of Copenhagen and one in economic history from Lund University. My research interests concern the forces that led to the wealth of nations. My studies consider England (the cradle of the industrial revolution), Italy and France (industrial runner-ups), and sub-Saharan Africa (a still-to-come region). I currently work on a project that investigates colonial influences on gender inequality using historical marriage data from Africa; one that explores the labour market causes and consequences of technological progress using French 19th-century steam engines; one that estimates the living standards of historical families across six centuries of English history; and one that reconsiders Italy's position in the Little Divergence debate. I also organise the Sound Workshop and the WEast Workshop.

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