Jacob Peltola

UX Designer & Developer

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I led an independent game studio with the intent to develop and market video games and became an independent contractor working with multiple teams to create more enjoyable games and interactive experiences!



Zombie Boxing(figur8): A Mobile shoot-out style boxing game featuring Bluetooth sensor characteristics as input, used strictly for demoing sensors.

I got in touch with figur8 through a contact in the Boston gamedev meetup scene and was brought on as a front end developer, having never worked with custom controllers before the team was very supportive and taught me a lot about software development!


Florafiora(ZephyrWorkshop): A mobile application where players build ecosystems by connecting planetoids and civilizations. The game features numerous species of playable "Seedizens" and the worlds they inhabit, along with the enemies and challenges they face.

I was responsible for design, programming and audiovisual production, updating design documentation, and communicating with the project team on specific tasks and assets.

The game was conceptualized and designed by Zephyr Workshop team, with dozens of illustrated art assets in creative world. Game prototype created rapidly and won numerous awards including 1st Place in the Indie Alpha Category and the People's Choice award at the annual MassDiGI Game Challenge.


Gelato Flicker(Petricore): A fast-paced reaction selling game where you serve different ice creams in particular orders as fast as possible!

I was hired on as a Game Design Intern for Petricore while studying at Becker College, I had met with them through school and game development events where I represented Box Mountain Games and Becker IGDA!, I helped out with UX design and audio assets in their mobile games and also edited together their App Store and Google Play Store video trailers. They are a hardworking game studio working to make better mobile games and help the communities around them!


SporeWar is a twin-stick shooter/strategy game placed in a fantastical mushroom world where you lead the charge into battle with platoons of fungal creatures at your command. It's a love letter to old split screen co-op games like Goblin Commander and Pikmin.

Quest Tycoon is a quest giver simulator, play as an innkeeper desperately trying to keep their inn in operation by sending adventurers out on dangerous quests in hopes of them surviving and needing your inn to rest and heal!

Octave is a musical adventure game where the music you play interacts with the environment around you. Rally your lost note friends and discover what's disturbing this once peaceful musical isle.

Deluge is a mobile endless digger, you are a raindrop tasked with the journey to the center of the planet. Use quick reflex swiping, bomb placement tactics, and strategic thinking to achieve the highest score and gather golden spheres.

Personal Projects

Below are examples of my work where I experimented developing and shipping various UX/UI designs and software to be used for commercial/educational use, applicable design solutions, or practical fun.

This is a time lapse of me participating in Ludum Dare Compo, one of my first solo game jams!, I ended up creating "Clutch the Crown" a 2D strategy game where players mine, fight, and upgrade their way to becoming the next crown bearer. Great practice for data structures, spritesheet animation, and game balance.

This is a video taken whilst demoing my first self developed console title "SporeWar" at Massive ComicCon. The game mixed tactical real-time strategy and top down shooter mechanics in a fresh direction most games I'd played or seen didn't attempt before. I found that working on side projects, showing it to others, and evaluating back and forth is invaluable feedback towards a software's design especially in it's rawest form.

A discontinued mobile puzzle game prototype named "Painterly", I experimented with color theory as a game world mechanic allowing mixtures of color schemes to influence planet's surfaces. Learned more about underlying graphics shader logic, mobile optimization techniques, and puzzle game flow.

I made several short games for #1GAM (One game a month challenge) and made this prototype called "Seasonal", players progress through the game ranging from spring to winter as a seed, plant, flower, and then leaf.

An AR collectathon game where you play as a diver who has to rescue fish and risk collecting treasure along the way while cats start to dismantle the tank!