Jacob Peltola

User Experience & Game Designer

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My goal is to make games & tech more emotive, accessible, and enjoyable.

I've been working on tech and games for over five years having experienced designing and developing with the tools, pipelines, and processes needed for interactive media. From modeling and rigging 3D arms for wireless peripherals to developing complex 3D and 2D interactive experiences, I've had the opportunity to specialize and adapt in a wide assortment roles on different platforms to iterate design feedback.

I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Interactive Media Design from Becker College in 2016 while running my own game studio “Box Mountain Games” during and after college from 2014-2017, I was nominated for Forbes 30 under 30 in Game Design awarded from local organizations for my work and contributions to my communities. After creating and producing in the entertainment market I eventually dissolved Box Mountain Games to start helping friends with projects utilizing my experience in entertainment software for use with medical, educational, and STEM art, programming, and design. I've helped companies like figur8 and Victory Productions create interactive experiences and am learning and pushing the envelope in user experience and interface design.


My focus has always been user experience design and development, I started learning and using different game engines to convey stories, emotional experiences, and psychological reactions. After using other game-centric engines and frameworks such as Source, Unreal 4, and Unity3D, I gravitated to Unity for it's flexibility and community and have been using it to prototype as well as actively develop studio's games in multiple phases of development.

My strengths are user experience design, object oriented programming, and 3D/2D technical art.

I am fluent in multiple design software programs used to effectively and confidently make anything from 3D/2D animated game-ready assets to design adjustments for graphic and web design.