OpeE - Splits bandage packages open


OpeE has launched it's crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.com; to fund a manufacturers order; to pay for tooling through purchases.

the OpeE campaign

Exhibiting some new content; including OpeE Pete, black belt bungles bandage, the new box of 30 video, and more!

Thank you to everyone who helped Stripop grow into OpeE!!!

Feel free to research the campaign here:

Stripop campaign

Or, you may link to the product on


Or email me directly for a personal update!

Thank you for your interest!


Also, here is a link to the OpeE "media pack" page

Next up:

Don't forget about the T-shirts!

I've designed a shirt with the OpeE logo & the Stripop logo.

These shirts were designed on zazzle.com.

The color, style, and even the product type can be changed at zazzle.com (mugs, stickers, totes, etc.)

And for more T-shirts from Jacob Lee Downey;

Check out my Neeto collection:


Additional resources

- Link to our Media page

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