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OpeE is the latest in bandage opening technology.


If you have trouble opening bandages, or know someone who does, or maybe you just want open bandage faster, and with a nifty gadget; then OpeE is the technology for you.


Coming soon: (updated - 03/17/2018)


OpeE is currently available on amazon in its handcrafted form.

And we are launching our Kickstarter campaign to fund a manufacturer’s order; to pay for tooling, through purchases.

Preview of my Kickstarter Campaign


It’s reusable, recyclable, and rinsable; with alcohol, or soapy water.

I need help launching this OpeE into the market place.

That’s why I need you to help spread the word.

And the word is OpeE!

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How to use:

Step 1: Remove protective tabs

-First, peel the protective plastics off of the sticky pads.

Step 2: Align bandage, Squeeze for 4 seconds, quickly release

-Place the correct end of the bandage at a right angle to the bandage opener (approximately “1/16 of an inch” from the edges of the sticky pad) squeeze firmly for 4 seconds, and then quickly release.

Step 3: Fold bandage in half

-Remove split packaging from opener, and then fold your bandage in half. Place the folded bandage in between the sticky surfaces, squeeze and then release.

Step 4: Rub & Rinse

-Rinse under water while rubbing in a circular motion to remove package fibers, and renew stickiness. Let set until dry (about 1 minute).

Story of OpeE:

Thinkmotron activated; gestated in my prototypery slash basement utility room; I was pondering ways to help the world via inventing.

Today’s topic? Health care. “Hmm. What do lots of people use?”; I asked myself. "Oh, by Jove, I've got it! Bandages!"

So I gathered up what I thought to be a simple construct, and began constructing. “Bingo! That aught’a work, eh!?” Sure did...once...sigh...

“Hmm, let’s regroup.” I thought. I’ve hit barriers before, only to overcome them in a most victorious manner.

So, with a dose of confidence, a pip of vigor, and a grain salt; I reminded myself; “A small seed can grow into a big tree if planted in the right soil. There’s no need to give up now!”

Prototype after prototype...after prototype. Leap after bound I broke down my brick walls until...“ahAA! It works!" Oh, how I love solving problems.

Finally ready to share the device with the world; I needed a plan to get it to the ones who want it. That's what brings me to Kickstarter. Where I'm able to offer 3 for $15 to anyone who is a fan of opening bandages.

Thank you for taking interest in my story.

Coming soon...details from the "Stripop campaign", including "today's added location"

(Updated 03/17/2018)

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