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22 Gemstones Powder

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"22 Gemstones powder" is 22 friction reduced gemstone powders, designed & combined in a recipe that boosts plants.


  • "Better Flavor & More Nutrition"
  • "Brighter Colors & More Flowers"
  • "Stronger Plants & Higher Yield"

When & Where:

Available now, on Amazon Prime

& will be vending at the Adam's Alliance MS Crop, March 2nd, 2019


Is planning a campaign to help spread the word, this spring.

How to use:

Picture goes here Jacob.

Under construction (01/03/2019)

Description of how to use instrustions go here


(Summary: shape & polish gift for mom, begat hobby, begate bigger plants, begat powder for plants)


Story about fertilizer registration.

Also, link to the Gemstones Page!

+OpeE - the Bandage Opener


OpeE is the latest in bandage opening technology.


If you have trouble opening bandages, or know someone who does; or you just want to open bandages faster, and with a nifty gadget; then OpeE is the technology for you.


Available Now on!


We are planning a GoFundMe campaign to fund a manufacturer’s order; to pay for tooling, through purchases.

OpeE is currently available on amazon in its handcrafted form.


It’s reusable, recyclable, and rinse-able; with alcohol, or soapy water.

I need help launching this technology into the market place.

That’s why I need you to help spread the word.

And the word is OpeE!

Welcome from Jacob to Media

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Quotes from customers:

  • “I was able to open the outer bandage wrapper and then open the backing and apply a bandage easily on my first try - bravo!

Now I just have to keep my kids from opening every bandage in the house just for the fun of it!”

-R from Michigan

  • “Wow! Does Opee really work! Four bandages a day for eight weeks was really a test for your new product. It was a Godsend for these old fingers. And I even opened a bag of frozen food after I couldn't get the slider to open.”

- J from Illinois

Link to a customer's:

How to use:

Step 1: Remove protective tabs

-First, peel the protective plastics off of the sticky pads.

Step 2: Align bandage, Squeeze for 4 seconds, quickly release

-Place the correct end of the bandage at a right angle to the bandage opener (approximately “1/16 of an inch” from the edges of the sticky pad) squeeze firmly for 4 seconds, and then quickly release.

Step 3: Fold bandage in half

-Remove split packaging from opener, and then fold your bandage in half. Place the folded bandage in between the sticky surfaces, squeeze and then release.

Step 4: Rub & Rinse

-Rinse under water while rubbing in a circular motion to remove package fibers, and renew stickiness. Let set until dry (about 1 minute).

Next up:

Story of OpeE:

History of invention.

I was trying to think of a way to help lots of people. Having trouble, I decided to think of categories I could consider. The health care industry right!? Health, help, those sound similar. So I began thinking of troubles I have had with health care and health products.

Bandages! Lots of folks use bandages. And there is a known problem with opening them. So…

I modified a stapler into my first prototype. But that didn't work well enough.

And I can't leave not well enough alone so, back to the drawing board.

I ordered the parts, which I thought might work. But that wasn’t enough to comfort me. I performed more research, which became a fact mining mission.

I began taking notes on technical specs, limitations, industry leaders. Before I knew it, two days had passed, and the parts arrived!

Minutes later I had the modified prototype. “Yes!” Victory!

The prototype worked.

And to top it off I learned some valuable lessons.

“Inventing is an emotional experience”, and “don’t let the fear of emotion stop you from advancing”.

Finally ready to share the device with the world; I needed a plan to get it to the ones who want it. That's what brings me to Kickstarter. Where I'm able to offer 3 for $15 to anyone who is a fan of opening bandages.

Thank you for taking interest in my story.

Before it was OpeE:

OpeE was originally title haid_1a. Which stands for "Health Aid; prototype 1 version 'a'".

Confusing right?

Well the name, or brand, of a product can change a lot during development. This can be due to changing trends, discovery of a similar product name, or even desire. Considering this, I tend to name my prototypes something descriptive. This also helps me become more open to changing the name later.

When it came time to market the product I thought I would name it something relative to what it does.

Which brings me to the second name, Stripop. Because it 'Opens' bandage 'Strips'.

I ran a kickstarter campaign for OpeE under the name Stripop this January 2018. During the campaign I called in to a radio station, when half way through the call I noticed that the name Stripop is difficult to remember how to spell; and search for.

This is when I realized I needed to change the name to something easier for me to spell out. Something with three or four letters.

So I decided on OpeE; with two "E"s.

However, during the Stripop campaign, I was not able to spread the word enough to fully launch Stripop; and get it to the people who need it.

Perhaps I didn't have enough credibility. Perhaps my photos weren't convincing. Or maybe it was my initial lack of social media.

That is why I need your help.

Please help spread the word about OpeE

Please share on social media: #BandageOpener

Please research the Stripop campaing here:

Thank you

If you have any questions

email me directly at:

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