These are some of the gemstones I have cut from rough specimen blamed zazzle; zazzle blamed google.

I have a plan; so that this man (me); can still provide you with the first previewing of the latest shirts I have designed. Lets try for two days (11/9/2017)

Mer'right, there's a start. Now, where were we...

M'yeahs, this seems to be working. Let's give it another bit.

(The following are the most recent shirts I have designed on

Light Amethyst - 16.5 carats

Brazillian - natural / untreated

Pink Ametrine - 13 carats

Brazillian - natural / untreated

Citrine - 7.5 carats

Brazillian - natural / untreated

Grape Ametrine - 25.3 carats

Brazillian - natural / untreated

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