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Who I am

Jacob Gooch is a second-year student at Otterbein University in the BFA Theatre Design and Technology program, with a focus in lighting and sound.

In his time at Otterbein, Jacob has filled the positions of Asst. Master Electrician, Asst. to the Lighting Designer, Sound Asst., and has become a Light and Sound Asst. In the upcoming season, Jacob has gained the privilege of a Lighting Design, Asst. Sound Design (and A1) and Asst. Master Electrician.

Prior to Otterbein, Jacob filled a variety of positions with a variety of theatre and dance companies. Some notable positions were the Deck Chief of The Ohio Light Opera, Master Electrician and Asst. Lighting Designer for Ballet Wooster, Sound and Lighting Supervisor for Summer Stage Wooster and Sound Designer (and A1) for the Wayne Center for the Arts.

Jacob has worked on more than 50 productions during his time in theatre and dance, with 18 Lighting Designs (15 as Master Electrician as well), 21 Sound Designs (12 as A1 as well) and in 3 as a rigger of some sort.

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