Tech Apps & Journalism



Jacob Elbert

Faculty adviser to the journalism program and technology applications teacher. I am currently teaching Digital Video, Digital Art, Digital Broadcasting, Yearbook, Newspaper, Game Programming, Mobile Applications, and Web Design.

I have a knack for the creative arts and impress that passion upon my students. My classes are student led and focused on providing real-world skills in many of the industry-standard applications and tools that are required by nearly all of today's creative professions.

Student's in my courses are expected to provide their deepest effort in solving many of the challenges we face as a class. Students in all of my courses produce content across several mediums including video, audio, copy writing, illustration, animation, photography, and editing of those mediums. They will also learn practical skills regarding lighting, casting, communication with clients, time and asset management, organization and problem-solving under a time constraint.

The courses listed above will run students through the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro, Audition, After Effects, Bridge, and Lightroom CC. They will also be gained access to software such as Unity 2017.1, OBS, and tutored on the complete Google Suite.

My ultimate goal is to nurture students into becoming functional and successful creators. All of my courses have a focus on being future ready and developing an after high school game plan. Whether that be building a portfolio for entrance into the workforce, applying for scholarships, researching technical institutes, or scoping out colleges and universities. Education is not "one size fits all" and it is my job as an educator to help my students find their most compatible fit.