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"You can only be creative if you get trust and freedom. Trust and Freedom create Responsibility."
- Irma Broom

Jacob Elbert - Journalism Adviser

I have a knack for the creative arts and strive to impress a desire to create upon my students. My classes are student led and focused on providing real-world skills in the industry-standard applications and tools that are required by nearly all of today's creative professions. Student's also learn practical skills regarding lighting, hiring, communication with clientele, time and asset management, organization, and problem-solving under time-constraint.

The courses listed on the top banner will run students through the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro, Audition, After Effects, Bridge, and Lightroom as well as practical skills like manual photography, graphic design and camera/stage rigging.

My overarching goal is to ignite the fire of self-motivated education. I would far prefer my students to leave my course with personal drive and burning questions, rather than feel as though they have attained everything there is to offer.

These courses focus on being industry ready and developing an after high school game plan. Whether that be building a portfolio for entrance into the workforce, applying for scholarships, researching technical institutes, or scoping out colleges and universities. Educational paths are diverse and it is my duty as an educator to guide students to the field they harbor passion for.