Emilie Jackson

Emilie Jackson is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Michigan State University. She earned her PhD in economics from Stanford University in 2020 and completed a post-doc at NBER in 2021.  Her research is in the fields public, health, and labor economics. 

Her recent work uses US tax data to explore the implications of the recent growth in gig employment opportunities (e.g. Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, etc.) for individuals facing unemployment shocks. She quantifies the take-up of gig work during unemployment and evaluates the ability to smooth income in the short-run. Furthermore, she evaluates the long-run implications for workers’ labor supply, skill acquisition, and earnings trajectory. 

In other current research, she examines the effects of hospital privatization on patient access, health outcomes, and supply-side outcomes, e.g. hospitals' financial performance. She has also examined the effects of large scale health insurance expansions through the Affordable Care Act.





Michigan State UniversityDepartment of Economics486 W. Circle Drive25D Marshall-Adams HallEast Lansing, MI 48823