Helen Jacks-Hewett

McTimoney Animal Chiropractor and Sports Massage Therapist

Helen Jacks-Hewett BSc(hons) PGDip is an experienced McTimoney Animal Practitioner and Sports Massage Therapist providing safe and effective treatment for horses and small animals.

Helen is fully trained and insured to use a variety of techniques including:

  • Static assessment and gait evaluation

  • McTimoney animal chiropractic

  • Equine sports massage

  • Canine sports massage

  • Stress point therapy

  • Laser therapy

  • Equissage therapy

  • Stretching regimes and rehabilitation programmes

Based in Cheddar, Helen regularly visits clients in Somerset, Bristol and Bath for treatment sessions.

Maintaining health and performance

Regular therapy promotes the health and soundness of your animal.

  • Improves suppleness and flexibility

  • Forms part of a balanced health regime

  • Helps achieve optimum performance

  • Includes exercise and stretching programmes

  • Helen works alongside your veterinary surgeon, saddler, farrier, dental technician and hydrotherapist

Effective treatment for injury

Safe and gentle physical therapy for a range of acute or chronic problems.

  • Remedial treatments after accident or injury

  • For secondary or compensatory disorders

  • Following orthopaedic, saddlery, farriery or dental disorders

  • Prevents minor musculoskeletal problems from becoming chronic

  • Suitable for competition animals, pets, young stock and veterans

To learn more about Helen's practice and the techniques she uses, click the links on the menu. Alternatively, you can contact Helen for advice or an appointment.