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Jack HM Wong and David Chua Have Been Accepted Into Mega Partnering Asia Conference

Jack HM Wong of Singapore and David Chua of Malaysia have been accepted to participate in Mega Partnering Asia Conference, the world’s number one wealth networking and business conference to be held in Singapore between December 12-14, 2014


Jack H. M. Wong is an author and entrepreneur who has cracked the code of success. Through his own personal grappling with adversity in the professional world, he learned how to tap into his own entrepreneurial power and created a blueprint to success. Now, with his book, Cracking the Entrepreneur Code, he makes that knowledge accessible to the public. Equal parts strategy and attitude, Jack’s method for entrepreneurial advancement has helped empower and enable his readers to step forward and achieve their dreams.

Author Jack H.M. Wong Hits the Top of the Amazon Bestseller List With Cracking the Entrepreneur Code

Cracking the Entrepreneur Code, Author Jack H.M. Wong’s look at the seven important guidelines to becoming an independent business owner, has topped the charts of the Amazon Bestseller lists for several business categories.

Author Jack H.M. Wong Takes You from Motivation to Mode of Action

Most people don’t take action, simply because they DON’T KNOW HOW and they don’t know WHAT TO DO!!! Most people don't take action, simply because they DON'T KNOW HOW and they don't know WHAT TO DO!!! ATTENTION REPORTERS IN BANGKOK THAILAND, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA and the rest of ASIA, your readers and your editors will actually thank you for taking the time to interview Jack Wong. Jack is the real deal. Not just a seller of hope and hype.

Author Jack H.M. Wong Divulges Lessons Learned from United Airline’s Incident from Business POV

Cracking the Entrepreneur Code’ author Jack H.M. Wong examines recent incident and discusses three takeaways for entrepreneurs and business owners

Entrepreneurial Expert Jack H.M. Wong Launches Cracking the Entrepreneur Code Podcast

Fans and followers of author Jack H.M. Wong's ground breaking business startup advice have a very good reason to be happy. In exciting news, Jack is now sharing his hard-earned wisdom at his Cracking the Entrepreneur Code Podcast.

Author Jack H.M. Wong Explains What He Loves About Being An Entrepreneur

Cracking the Entrepreneur Code’ author Jack H.M. Wong shared his definition of "true freedom" from entrepreneurship despite the fact that he came from the Industrial Age with 4 degrees and an excellent corporate career during his first 17 years after graduating from the university.

Author Jack H.M. Wong Shares His Way of Time Blocking that Can Improve Your Life TODAY!

Cracking the Entrepreneur Code’ author Jack H.M. Wong shared how blocking your time that can help make you more productive, efficient, and happy.

Author Jack H.M. Wong Reveals What Drives Him Being An Entrepreneur

Cracking the Entrepreneur Code’ author Jack H.M. Wong shared what drives him to keep it going as a entrepreneur.

The Aducate Group Empowering Entrepreneurs with Tools for Growth

New and experienced entrepreneurs have many challenges to face in growing their businesses successfully, and The Aducate Group is looking to provide skills and tools for these business owners.

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