Jack Blundell

Department of Economics

Stanford University

About Me

I am a 5th-year PhD candidate at the Department of Economics at Stanford University, working on causal inference, public and labour economics. I'm also affiliated with the Centre for Economic Performance (LSE). I am due to graduate in Spring 2021 and am searching for job opportunities. Here is my academic CV.

My primary area of interest is the impact of labour market policy on inequality, with a particular focus on how policy is mediated through firms. My main dissertation paper is on the impact of gender pay gap reporting policies on wages. I have a strong interest in computational methods, spending some of my PhD working in the Societal Impact research team at Facebook Core Data Science.

Have a look at some of my research and other writing here. I've also designed a short online course on Applied Econometrics in Stata.

I share some of my code on GitHub and am sporadically active on Twitter.

To contact, email me at jack.blundell@stanford.edu.