Jack Blundell

Department of Economics

Stanford University

About Me

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Economics at Stanford University. I work on a variety of topics in labour and public economics, investigating questions such as:‚Äč

  • Does the importance of your family background on how far you get in adulthood also depend on where you grow up?
  • To what extent does the generosity of child benefit systems influence parents' labour supply?
  • How well do conventional models of intergenerational mobility capture broader notions of equality of opportunity?

I am a contributor to the CORE project, an open-access, interactive course for anyone interested in learning about the economy and economics. I'm also keen on data visualisation and I share most of my code on GitHub.

Have a look at some of my research papers or my other writing.

To contact, email me at jack.blundell@stanford.edu.