• Let me update your computer to a SSD (Solid State Drive) and optimize your Operating System (Windows, macOS, Linux)
    • This will greatly enhance the performance of your computer (faster then a new computer will operate)
    • As well as remove all the junk and clutter currently slowing down your system
    • Plus I add many tweaks (such as ad-blocking, customizations specifically for you, and more)
    • Finally, I can add Cloudready (ChromeOS - similar to Chromebook) or Linux
      • Both of which are free, extremely fast, and virtually indestructible (incredibly reliable and resilient)
    • Full money back guarantee
      • If you are not incredibly happy with the new performance, then I will restore everything back how it was
  • Also I fix crashes, lockups, hacks, malware, ransomeware, non-booting, corrupted drives, etc.
  • Broken screens, non-working batteries, missing keys or non-working keys
  • You can search the web and spend hours learning and trying to fixing your computer
    • Or you could allow me to step-in and transform your technology to work seamlessly for you, in ways you never knew were possible.

Smart Phones:

  • Allow me to set up an ad-blocker (android only)
    • This increases the speed of your phone, lowers the amount of data you are using, and increases the battery performance
    • Modify the YouTube app so it no longer has any Video ads (ever)
      • As well as play in the background, and with the screen off
  • Setup a photos app that will backup all the pictures for free and allow you to share as many as you want through a text (full resolution pictures and videos)